Winning Boxing Pads-Gloves CM-30

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    Winning Boxing Pads-Gloves CM-30


    Available as a combination punch Mitt and boxing gloves.
    Up to fit the wrist part!
    Double Velcro straps.

    Universal coaching paws-gloves for practicing strike technique and combat tactics.
    A circle is drawn on the palm to make it easier for the partner to concentrate on the goal.
    Paws, combined with gloves, allow you to create combat conditions close to real ones, and, in addition, protect the athlete's head from accidental injuries during training.

    Weight: 370 g (one-handed)
    Material: Synthetic Leather
    Made in: Japan
    # CM-30

    Brand Winning
    Product Type Punching Mitts
    Sport Boxing
    Color Red
    Weight (KG) 0.75 kg

    Categories: Winning Boxing Punch Mitts

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