Asahi Дзюдо Защита Головы AJHG

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    Asahi Дзюдо Защита Головы AJHG


    Размер: Одноразмерный
    Страна-производитель: Япония
    Цвет: Белый
    Материал: Полиэстер
    # AJHG

    Asahi Judo Headgear AJHG

    Judo | Head Guard


    • It is for the Kumite and judo throw when, of course, passive practice when head injuries preventing your head guard.
    • From the head side the particularly important up to approximately 17 mm shock relief material pad secure firmly.
    • The detachable Velcro can be fixed firmly Chin easy, difficult to shift.
    • Polyester non-greasy body sweating even washing easy, easy dry clean keeps.
    • Size is one size fits all response from elementary and junior high school students and older.
    • Name field in the back of the head for use in courses useful, so can write a name in pen, etc.
    • * Please note: this product is head damage mitigation purposes, but is not completely prevent accidents, disability, injury, etc.
    • Size free color white
    • Material: polyester

    # AJHG

    Product Type Headgear
    Sport Judo
    Sex/Gender Unisex
    Color White
    Weight (KG) 0.4 kg

    Categories: MMA Headgear Дзюдо

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