Adidas Chest Guard Women adiBP12

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    Adidas Chest Guard Women adiBP12

    Martial Arts | Combat Sports | Women's Breast Protection


    The basis of the design is plastic cups that repeat the shape of the breast, which can be easily pulled out and washed.
    Durable and lightweight.
    The protection does not hinder the actions of the athlete and sits comfortably.
    Perfectly removes moisture and is ventilated due to mesh inserts AEROREEADY.
    Women combine this protection with a vest, which can be purchased from us.

    Climacool technology.
    Comfortable fit. Lightweight and practical.
    Plastic cups are easy to pull out.
    Easily washable.

    AEROREADY - absorbent material.

    Color: White
    # adiBP12

    Brand Adidas
    Product Type Bras
    Sport Boxing
    Sex/Gender Female
    Size XS, S, M, L
    Color White
    Weight (KG) 0.51 kg

    Categories: Adidas Boxing Body Protection Body Protection MMA Body Protectors & Vests

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