Adidas Боксерский Мешок Подвесной adiBAC21

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    Adidas Боксерский Мешок Подвесной Тренировочный adiBAC21


    Боксерский мешок из полиуретана.

    Electronic Scanned Bag
    Технология сканирования мешка на предмет равномерности набивки по высоте мешка и отсутствия инородных тел внутри.

    Высота/Диаметр: 90x30cm; 120x33cm; 150x33cm; 180x33cm
    Цвет: Черный
    Материал: PU
    # adiBAC21

    Adidas Heavy Bag Training adiBAC21


    • A galvanised, 4-fold suspension chain including a swivel
    • 4-fold suspension chain including a swivel
    • Made of synthetic material PU.
    • Japanese Maya 1.2 mm thick.
    • This material has a very high strength parameters and behavior resembles natural skin.
    • Bag filled with clippings of materials and textiles.
    • Sturdy chain attached to a solid riveted handles in addition transfixed.
    • Bag subjectsscanned system.
    • The bag perfectly suited to the club, and home.

    Electronic Scanned Bag
    Adidas bags after filling are automatically scanned to ensure the highest quality, with even distribution of weight over the entire length of the bag, and ensuring flawless skin, the highest quality.

    Height/Diameter: 90x30cm; 120x33cm; 150x33cm; 180x33cm
    Colour: Black
    Material: PU
    # adiBAC21

    Brand Adidas
    Color Black
    Weight (KG) 40 kg
    Sport Boxing
    Product Type Punching Bags
    Height/Lenght 90 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm

    Categories: Adidas Heavy Boxing Bags & Stands Boxing Heavy Bag

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