Adidas Boxing Groin Guard adiStar Pro Metallic adiPGG01ProM

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    Adidas Boxing Groin Guard adiStar Pro Metallic adiPGG01ProM

    Boxing | Protective Groin Bandage


    Professional groin protection.
    Developed in the USA together with professional boxers.
    Lightweight, with the latest foam padding for perfect cushioning and shock absorption.
    Due to its low weight and the combination of natural leather, protection is practically not felt and does not distract from boxing.
    Professional type protection is recommended even for amateurs who work in sparring.
    This type of protection will allow you to protect yourself from injury as much as possible.
    The front part of the protection is made of 100% genuine leather.
    Behind it is fixed on an elastic band + a rope.
    Inside is a comfortable foam block with a shock-absorbing property.
    Comfortable fit.
    100% genuine leather on the outside.
    A light weight.
    Comfortable shape.

    Material: 100% leather
    # adiPGG01ProM

    Brand Adidas
    Product Type Belt
    Sport Boxing
    Sex/Gender Male
    Size S, M, L, XL
    Color Red
    Weight (KG) 0.6 kg
    Material Leather

    Categories: Adidas Boxing Groin Protectors Boxing Groin Guards

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