Adidas Boxing Gloves WAKO Kickboxing adiWAKOG2

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    Adidas Boxing Gloves WAKO Kickboxing adiWAKOG2

    Kickboxing | Competition gloves


    100% polyurethane model for WAKO kickboxing performances.
    The packing has a composite structure made using I-Protech® technology.
    I-Protech® is a composite molded IMF (Intelligent Mold Foam Technology) high-pressure foam liner that provides a uniform level of shock absorption to ensure perfect protection for your hands.
    WAKO approved (applied to the palm of the hand).
    Fixation of the glove with a Velcro system for quick and precise adjustment of boxing gloves.

    PU3G INNOVATION technology.
    I-Protech® technology.
    WAKO approved.
    Approved by the Russian Kickboxing Federation.
    Special reinforced cuff.

    Material: 100% polyurethane
    Weight: 10oz
    Color: Red, Blue
    # adiWAKOG2

    Option Hook-and-Loop
    Brand Adidas
    Color Blue, Red
    Weight (KG) 0.7 kg
    Sport Boxing
    Product Type Gloves
    Weight (OZ) 10 oz
    Federation WAKO

    Categories: Adidas Boxing Gloves Training MMA Cтойка/Тай Стиль Перчатки

    Tags: boxing gloves

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