Adidas Boxing Bag Gloves Box-Fit adiBGS01 WH/RD

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    Adidas Boxing Bag Gloves Box-Fit White/Red Color ADIBGS01 WH/RD


    Built on a foundation of superior quality and craftsmanship, this glove features the ClimaCool® cooling system and a slip-on elastic wristband that makes the glove easy to put on and remove.

    I-Protech+ (Adidas Technology Boxing & MMA):
    Exclusive to adidas this technology features an Intelligent mould structure with additional integrated.

    PU3G Innovation (Adidas Technology Boxing & MMA):
    PU3G is a material that looks, feels and performs like leather.
    Flexible and strong, it can withstand variations in temperature and hygrometry.
    Extremely strong, 3G can continually absorb perspiration while remaining supple and impervious to cracking.

    ClimaCool ® (Adidas Technology):
    ClimaCool® isn't just another moisture wicking fabric. It is an integrated system of technologies that work together to regulate the athlete's body temperature far better than any single fabric technology can. Clima Cool® apparel activity conducts heat and sweat away from the body through a combination of heat and moisture-dissipating materials, ventilation channels and three-dimensional fabrics that allow air to circulate close to the skin. By mapping the body's critical heat and sweat zones using infrared cameras, it was possible to place these technologies exactly where they are needed to optimize the athlete's the athlete's body temperature. An athlete can actually stay cooler in ClimaCool ® apparel than they can in bare skin.

    Color: White/Red
    Size: S/M, L/XL
    # ADIBGS01 WH/RD

    Brand Adidas
    Color White
    Weight (KG) 0.6 kg
    Sport Boxing
    Product Type Gloves
    Sizes SM, LXL
    Size S, M, L, XL
    Option Hook-and-Loop

    Categories: Adidas Boxing Bag Gloves Bag Gloves

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