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      Vamos Soccer Ball Roraima BV-3250-RIT


      Professional football designed from microfiber and polyurethane using the new Thermo Bonded technology.
      The classic design of the ball of 32 panels, connected by means of thermal bonding with waterproof seams, allows you to keep the original weight of the ball even when playing on a wet surface and in the rain.
      The ball is made of soft glossy synthetic leather (PU) with an internal volume pattern, it has 3 backing layers made of synthetic fabric.
      This thermoglue soccer ball is best suited for natural and non-rigid artificial fields.
      Also, glued seams allowed the use of foam in the lining of the ball, which made the ball softer and more enjoyable in the game.
      The football uses a high-quality premium-class butyl camera.

      Circumference: 68.5 - 69.5 cm.
      Weight: 420 - 445 grams.
      Ball size: 5
      Type of connection of the panels: Heat sealing
      Number of panels: 32
      Tire Material: Synthetic Leather
      Number of lining layers: 3
      Camera Material: Butyl
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