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      Vamos Soccer Ball Campo Pro BV 1053-WCP


      The match ball CAMPO PRO combines the highest playing qualities.
      Thanks to the latest 20-panel design and bonding technology of SUPER Hybride panels, low moisture absorption is ensured, a more correct ball trajectory is created, and aerodynamics are improved for direct shocks and twist.
      The surface of the ball has a moth-eye pattern. An improved tire design consisting of an elastic and wear-resistant PU in combination with a 4-layer liner system controls the ideal shape of the ball.

      This ball can be used on any fields and has excellent protection from scratches on the grass and hard ground.

      The CAMPO PRO model is one of the most popular match balls in Latin America and the Caribbean countries, used in the qualifying cup tournament among young people in the 2013 CONKAF zone in Mexico.

      The ball has a premium class butyl chamber.

      Circumference: 68.5 - 69.5 cm.
      Weight: 420 - 445 grams.
      Ball size: 5
      Number of panels: 20
      Color: White-Red-Golden
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