Adidas Эспандер Трубчатый Level 3 (ADTB-10603) Q07648

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      Adidas Эспандер Трубчатый Level 3 Черный Цвет (ADTB-10603) Q07648

      Фитнес Оборудование - Эспандер


      Резиновая трубка упакована в защитный рукав.
      Эти две особенности делают эспандер уникальным, так как можно адаптировать сопротивление для достижения вашими мускулами поставленных целей и благодаря защитному рукаву сопротивление остается постоянным, даже когда эспандер касается тела.
      Материалы: латекс, полиэстер, полипропилен.

      Размеры (см): 145 x 13  x 3.5;
      Размеры упаковки (см):  15.5  x 10.5  x 17.5;
      Вес нетто:  0,345 кг;
      Вес брутто: 0,465 кг;
      Цвет: Черный/Красный.
      # (ADBT-10603) Q07648

      Adidas Power Tube Level 3 Black Color (ADBT-10603) Q07648

      Fitness Equipment - Tubes



      Our Resistance tubes are adjustable and the rubber is wrapped in an outer sleeve, these two features make this product a remarkable training product as you can adapt the resistance to suit the muscles being targeted and because of the outer sleeve the resistance remains constant even when the band makes contact with you.

      To be your best:

      Resistance (strength) training for many years was considered to be all about weights but the advent of core and functional training meant we needed to invent new ways of targeting muscles the Power tubes enable you to perform quick and effective toning and strength exercises every day with minimum delayed muscle fatigue.

      Coach says:

      10 years ago resistance tubes were a joke, they weren't adjustable and didn't offer enough resistance to challenge muscles but the Power tube re-invents this product so now even the fittest athlete can benefit from the dynamic and versatile moves that we perform using the Power tubes the level 3 really packs some weight!

      Designer notes:

      We wanted to 'man up' this product so the innovative toggle in the oversized handle allows you to accurately adjust the resistance and the outer sleeve gives you protection and more importantly the confidence to stretch the tubes to their max.

      Dimensions (cm): 145 x 13 x 3.5;
      Dimensions Pack(cm): 15.5 x 10.5 x 17.5;
      Net Weight: 0,345 kg;
      Gross Weight: 0,465 kg.
      Color: Black/Red
      # (ADBT-10603) Q07648

      Тип ТовараAccessories | Аксессуары
      Вид СпортаTraining | Тренировка
      Вес0.345 кг