Twins Boxing Mouthpiece MG-2

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    Twins Boxing Mouthpiece MG-2


    One-sided protection of the teeth (cap) is made of a special anti-allergic material used in the latest developments in dentistry.

    To protect the teeth and lips during training sparring and fights in competitions, boxers use mouthguards.
    A boxing mouthguard is a soft lining on the teeth that protects the teeth, cheeks and lips from tears and bruises, protects against lacerations in the mouth, as well as from getting a knocked out tooth into the trachea.

    Packing: Case
    Country of origin: Thailand
    Color: Gray
    Material: Thermoplastic
    # MG-2

    Brand Twins
    Product Type Accessories
    Sport Boxing
    Color Grey
    Weight (KG) 0.15 kg
    Material Leather

    Categories: Twins Accessories Mouthguards

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