RDX Boxing Heavy Bag Gloves F10 BMR-F10P

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    RDX Boxing Heavy Bag Gloves F10 BMR-F10P


    Unleash your full potential with these durable boxing gloves.
    The pre-curved design and soft foam padding minimizes hand fatigue by absorbing the force of impacts and providing stability for shaping punches.
    Protect and take care of your joints by limiting the impact to an acceptable level.
    Ample padding combined with a fist-supporting design make these mitts the #1 choice for professionals; The gloves are suitable for beginners and hobbyists.
    Perforations keep the mitts ventilated and keep hands cool, preventing sweat and odors.
    Velcro fasteners keep the gloves in place even during intense workouts.

    Made from durable Maya Hide leather, durable and more wear resistant.
    Combat Supremo-Shock foam cushions shock and improves endurance during intense workouts.
    The curved design effectively redistributes force and protects the hands.
    Quick-EZ™ Velcro fasteners provide optimal support for the wrists and allow for easy removal.
    Holes on the palms maximize ventilation and regulate temperature.

    Material: Maya Hide
    # BMR-F10P

    Brand RDX
    Product Type Gloves
    Sport Boxing
    Color White
    Weight (KG) 0.51 kg

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