Opro Mouthguard Single Row Silver Gen4 Self-Fit adiBP32

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    Opro Mouthguard Single Row Silver Gen4 Self-Fit adiBP32

    Mouth Guard | Mouthpiece | Mouth Piece | Teeth Protection | Suitable for All Contact Sports


    Reinforced Retention.
    Protective layer.
    Easy adjustment.
    Antimicrobial case included.
    Patented fin system to ensure precise tooth casting.
    Resistant and shock-absorbing protective layer.
    ‘Silver-ion’ technology with anti-microbial properties that inhibits bacterial growth by 99.9%.
    Easy adjustment thanks to a fixing support allowing the moulding process.
    Easy breathing with a shape adapted to the palate.
    Soft gel channel for comfort and cushioning effect.

    How Mouthguards Work.
    With no mouthguard, a blow to the lower face sends shock waves through the skull.
    A direct impact can fracture the front teeth.
    However other blows, particularly to the lower jaw, can cause other damage.
    A blow to the lower jaw can slam the jaws together and the sudden impact of the relatively sharp lower teeth into the back of the upper teeth is like a chisel, causing a fracture of the upper teeth by punching them forwards.
    In some cases, the transmitted forces can lead to a fracture of the lower jaw, or will travel through the jaw joint (TMJ) into the base of the skull causing a concussion.
    Gumshields act like a shock absorber, both spreading the force over a larger area and increasing the time for the peak force to occur.
    Dissipating the energy of the blow over a larger area and longer time reduces its effect and preventing or vastly reducing any injury.

    # adiBP32

    Brand Opro
    Color Black, White, Blue
    Age Adult
    Weight (KG) 0.15 kg
    Sport Boxing, MMA
    Product Type Accessories
    Sizes JR, SR

    Categories: Opro Mouthguards Хоккейная Защита Зубов MMA Защита Зубов Защита Зубов Защита Зубов

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