Madwave Slides Step M0327 03

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    Madwave Slides Step M0327 03


    Men's shale STEP - is a universal footwear, suitable for both pool and outdoor activities.
    The shales are made of hypoallergenic EVA material, they are very light, pleasant to the touch, do not absorb water, do not lose shape and do not rub the skin, and also have increased wear resistance.
    The classic ergonomic shape of this model is suitable for any foot and guarantees comfort and an excellent fit.
    The insole has a small relief, due to which the foot does not slip over its surface.
    Holes on the toe and heel of the sole do not allow water to stagnate, providing additional convenience and safety.

    Material EVA - provides increased wear resistance, balanced buoyancy and high comfort in use;
    Anti-slip sole - provides the best grip even with wet tile floor;
    Perforated sole - ensures the outflow of water, making shales ideal for a pool or shower;
    Ideal fit - the ergonomic shape is suitable for any foot, providing the best fit.

    8 US | Size: 26.0x9.0cm
    8-9 US | Size: 26.0x9.5cm
    9 US | Size: 26.5x9.5cm
    9-10 US | Size: 27.0x10.0cm
    10 US | Size: 29.5x10.0cm
    11-12 US | Size: 29.5x10.5cm

    Composition: EVA
    # M0327 03

    Brand Madwave
    Product Type Slides
    Sport Swimming
    Size (US) 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    Sex/Gender Male
    Weight (KG) 0.4 kg
    Color Blue

    Categories: Shoes for swimming Shoes Footwear for the Swimming Pool

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