Flamma Mouthguard Lucky MGF-011

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    Flamma Mouthguard Lucky MGF-011

    Contact Sports | Martial arts | Boxing | Teeth Protection


    Mouth protection (cap) for children with a case.
    The Flamma Lucky mouthguard is designed for maximum protection and comfort.
    Special shape to protect the upper and lower teeth is designed to reduce the likelihood of concussion and jaw injuries.
    Made from durable rubber.
    The technology of two layers with a gel inner layer allows you to take the most accurate shape of the athlete's teeth.
    To give the mouthguard an individual shape of the teeth, it must be subjected to the “cooking” procedure for 35 seconds.
    The cap is thermoplastic and after cooking it acquires an individual, anatomically adjusted shape.
    Protective case included.
    Detailed instructions for forming a cap on the package.

    Material: gel, rubber.
    Size: child (JR; up to 11 years old)
    Country of origin: China
    # MGF-011

    Brand Flamma
    Color Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange
    Age Teenager
    Weight (KG) 0.3 kg
    Sport Boxing, MMA
    Product Type Accessories
    Sizes JR

    Categories: Flamma Mouthguards MMA Защита Зубов

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