Everlast Sweat Suit Fit Eva EVSNSS1

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    Everlast Sweat Suit Fit Eva EVSNSS1

    Fitness | Training | Warmups | Sauna Suit


    Promotes rapid water weight loss.

    Accelerates sauna action.
    Burn more calories.
    Increases workout benefits.

    Designed to trap body heat and keep muscles loose, so you can shed excess water weight and calories more efficiently prior to or during a workout.
    Made of top-quality material that wipes clean with a damp cloth and features exclusive EVERFRESH™ technology, an antimicrobial treatment to prevent odors.

    Two-piece suit with elastic waist and cuff pant.
    Black color: Made with EVA material.
    Grey and white colors: Made with PVC material.

    EverFresh™ (Everlast Technology):
    Sweat without smelling like it.
    Everlast's EverFresh™ antimicrobial properties guard against odor and skin irritation, while extending the life of your product by fighting the growth of bacteria and microbes.

    BLACK M/L SKU P00000489 L/XL SKU P00000438 XL/XXL SKU P00000439
    GREY L/XL SKU P00000374 L/XXL SKU P00000375
    WHITE S/M SKU P00000373

    Size: M/L, L/XL, XL/2XL
    Color: Black, Grey, White
    # EVSNSS1

    Brand Everlast
    Color Silver
    Weight (KG) 0.6 kg
    Sport Boxing
    Product Type Warm Ups
    Sizes ML, LXL, XL2XL

    Categories: Everlast Sport Suit Sweat Suits Sauna Suits

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