Everlast Boxing Gloves Elite Pro Style ELPS

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    Everlast Boxing Gloves Elite Pro Style ELPS


    Premium synthetic leather combined with excellent construction provides lasting durability.
    Full mesh palm ensures breathability and comfort.
    Updated EVERSHIELD™ design for advanced wrist protection.
    Secure fi t maintains protection and comfort during a variety of striking angles.

    Integrating exclusive Everlast features in a sleek yet affordable package, the Pro Style Elite Training gloves continue to be a favorite of boxers across the globe.
    Premium synthetic leather along with superior construction increases durability.
    EverShield technology provides extra wrist support and protection.

    A) BLACK 08oz SKU P00001239; 10oz SKU P00001240-10; 12oz SKU P00001240; 14oz SKU P00001201; 16oz SKU 000000000
    B) WHITE 08oz SKU P00001197-8; 10oz SKU P00001197-10; 12oz SKU P00001197; 14oz SKU P00001197-14; 16oz SKU P00001197-16
    C) NAVY 08oz SKU P00002329; 10oz SKU P00002330; 12oz SKU P00002331; 14oz SKU P00002332; 16oz SKU P00002333
    D) BLUE 08oz SKU P00001241; 10oz SKU P00001242-10; 12oz SKU 000000000; 14oz SKU P00001205; 16oz SKU P00001206
    E) BLUE/RED 08oz SKU P00001203-8; 10oz SKU P00001203-10; 12oz SKU P00001203-12; 14oz SKU 000000000; 16oz SKU P00001204
    F) RED 08oz SKU P00001243-8; 10oz SKU P00001243-10; 12oz SKU P00001243; 14oz SKU P00001198; 16oz SKU P00001200
    G) GOLD 08oz SKU P00002349; 10oz SKU P00002350; 12oz SKU P00002351; 14oz SKU P00002352; 16oz SKU P00002353
    H) GREEN 08oz SKU P00002339; 10oz SKU P00002340; 12oz SKU P00002341; 14oz SKU P00002342; 16oz SKU P00002343

    Material: Synthetic Leather
    Weight: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 oz.
    # ELPS

    Option Hook-and-Loop
    Brand Everlast
    Color Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Gold, Violet, Multicolor
    Weight (KG) 0.85 kg
    Sport Boxing
    Product Type Gloves
    Weight (OZ) 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz

    Categories: Everlast Boxing Gloves Training

    Tags: boxing gloves

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