Cleto Reyes Round Natural Latex Bladders 1-Valve K285

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    Cleto Reyes Round Natural Latex Bladders 1-Valve K285

    Boxing Accessories | Bladder for D-Ball | Bladder for Doube End Bag


    Designed with the finest craftsmanship and highest quality material, handmade from Mexico.
    Are a perfect spheric double end bags replacement bladders.
    Made with high resistance elastic latex for longer durability.
    Perfect for when your original bladder stops having the same function and you need a new one.
    The package includes 2 bladders.

    Constructed to the highest specification to furnish extended, non-leak usage every time you hit the bag, Cleto Reyes Latex is the perfect choice when you need to replace an old one bladder or simply want to keep a spare one around.
    HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL. Expertly crafted out of heavy-duty latex, this replacement bladder will provide the fastest rebound while preventing air loss even after being repeatedly punched.
    OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE. Taking the shape of your bag once inflated, this heavy-duty bladder is expertly made for super speed and professional training.
    EASY TO REPLACE. The lace-up speed bag allows for easy bladder removal when needed. Simply unlace, pull the old bladder out and insert the new one by sticking the valve through the stem on the bottom. Lace it back up and fill it with air.

    Weight: 1 lbs (0.46kg)
    Dimensions: 10×8×6 in (25x20x15 cm)
    Material: Rubber

    # K285

    Brand Cleto Reyes
    Product Type Accessories
    Sport Boxing
    Color Pink
    Weight (KG) 0.1 kg

    Categories: Cleto Reyes Other Double end Bags

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