Century Fitness Training Station 1087016

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    Century Fitness Training Station 1087016

    Fitness | Boxing | Strength Training | 4-in-1 Station


    Problem: you want to build your upper body, essential for improving your martial arts game, but you don't have the space for tons of equipment.
    Solution: the Fitness Training Station, which includes a bolt for a heavy hanging bag, pull-up bars, dip handles, and push-up handles.
    Work your biceps, triceps, back and chest and practice striking.
    The Station holds up to a 100lb hanging bag.

    Age: Adult
    Bag Type: Bag Stands/Mounts
    Bag Weight: = 100lbs (~45kg)
    Brand: Century
    Gender: Unisex
    Height: > 65 in. (~165cm)
    Line: Not Applicable
    Martial Arts Style: Multiple
    Search Synonyms: bag stand, heavy bag stand, hanging bag stand, punching bag hanger, Fitness Training Station, Bag Stand, Fight Station

    The 4 in 1 training station from a well-known manufacturer of sports equipment has a huge mass of advantages and benefits, and it is convenient to use it at home.
    The compact but ultra-stable station can be placed in a relatively small room.
    The strongest alloy steel profiles are used for its production.
    The station can be used as a horizontal bar, in addition, the design provides for folding bars, push-up stops, as well as an attachment for a boxing bag (weighing up to 45 kg).
    This station withstands the strongest impacts, for greater stability of the structure, pins for the discs are provided in the rack.
    With the help of such a projectile, you can perfectly work out the main muscle groups, work out the technique of strikes.

    The bag is not included and must be purchased separately!

    Used as a horizontal bar and stand for a hanging bag
    Takes up minimal space in the room
    Designed for comfortable handling and stability
    The construction is made of a reliable alloy steel profile
    Maximum user weight - 136 kg
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 167 x 136 x 218 cm
    Station weight: 41 kg

    Dimensions, cm - 178x58x19
    Weight, kg - 42

    # 1087016

    Brand Century
    Product Type Hardware
    Sport Boxing, Fitness
    Weight (KG) 42 kg

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