Brain-Pad Mouthpiece 2-Row Pro+ Plus BPWRP4 CL/CL

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    Brain-Pad Mouth Guard Double-Row Pro+ Plus BPWRP4 CL/CL

    Boxing Mouthpiece 2-Row


    Headgear that fits in your mouth!
    Dual-thermoplastic Design
    For Agressive Hard-Hitting Competitors
    $12,000 Dental Warranty - Included!

    Protects both Upper & Lower teeth – Can be trimmed for comfort.
    Secures, Stabilizes, Cushions the lower jaw with Dual Thermoplastic Design.
    Creates and - maintains at impact – A Protective TMJ / Brain Safety Space.
    Tested and Proven to reduce impact energy 40% to the base of skull and brain.
    Best model to Cover and Protect Upper & Lower Braces.
    Best for increased Free-Breathing – “ Clench! and Breathe! “.
    Multi-sport strap/strapless model– Includes strap.
    Improves/Recovers Performance and Strength - Promotes TMJ Healing.
    Includes Anti-Microbial hard storage Case with name label.

    New cutting edge design incorporates a streamlined, performance enhancing mouthguard that secures, stabilizes and cushions the jaw out of harms way.
    Provides complete protection for upper and lower teeth.
    Air channels in front allow for constant breathing.
    Complete with carry case.

    Color: Clear/Clear
    # BPWRP4 CL/CL

    Brand Brain-Pad
    Product Type Accessories
    Sport Boxing, MMA
    Color Grey
    Weight (KG) 0.3 kg
    Age Adult

    Categories: Mouthguards Ice Hockey Mouthpieces MMA Защита Зубов Защита Зубов Защита Зубов

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