Boxing Business Gift Gong 330х242х200mm GBSG

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    Boxing Business Gift Gong 330x242x200mm GBSG

    Respectable the Gift | Boxing Gong - for Businessman, Business Partner


    • The gong consists of the basis and a bell.
    • The bell is made of a steel.
    • It is decorated by a vegetative ornament and images of duels of boxers on a ring.
    • The bell fastens to the basis a brass rack.
    • The basis from a natural stone of a dolerite.
    • Has a brass overlay with the shock mechanism, decorated with a vegetative ornament, and a cast framework on four basic plates.
    • The shock mechanism is made of stainless steel and equipped by a return spring.

    Technologies: machining, posing by a varnish, engraving by a needle, etching, engraving by a cutter, nickel plating, gilding, stone-cutting works.
    Materials: a steel, a brass, stainless steel, a natural stone, fluoroplastic, a spring wire.
    Overall dimensions: 330х242х200 mm.


    • Nickel plating – to 9 microns
    • Gilding – to 5 microns

    # GBSG

    Product Type Awards
    Sport Boxing
    Color Gold
    Weight (KG) 2 kg

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