Azra Bag Backpack for Women 202333

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    Azra Bag Backpack for Women 202333


    We present you a unique women's bag-backpack made of genuine Iranian leather from the prestigious Azra brand.
    This stylish accessory combines functionality and elegance, perfect for the modern woman.

    The bag is made of high quality burgundy genuine leather, which gives it a luxurious look and provides durability.
    It will become your reliable companion for many years, retaining its original appeal.

    On the front side of the bag-backpack there is a pattern in the form of an ornament with a floral motif, created using the leather embossing technique.
    This unique and graceful ornament gives the bag a special appeal and makes it stand out from other accessories.

    The bag-backpack is equipped with leather handles that provide comfortable carrying on the shoulders.
    You can easily adjust the length of the handles for maximum comfort.
    In addition, on the sides of the bag-backpack is a button to adjust the thickness of the top, allowing you to easily change its shape and volume depending on your desire.

    The backpack bag measures 18x13x34cm and is perfect for storing all your essentials.
    The inside of the bag has a polyester lining to provide extra protection for your belongings.
    On the back of the bag there is a pocket with a steel zipper, where you can store valuable items and documents.

    At the bottom of the bag-backpack there are puffs (legs) that prevent damage to the skin when the bag is placed on the surface.
    This provides extra protection and extends the life of your bag.

    Don't miss the opportunity to purchase this unique genuine leather backpack from Azra.
    It will become your stylish and functional companion in everyday life, emphasizing your individuality and unique style.
    Add functionality and elegance to your life with this beautiful accessory that combines high quality, unique design and durability.

    Material: Genuine leather
    Lining Material: Polyester
    Size: 18x13x34cm
    Color: Burgundy
    Made in: Iran
    # 202333

    Brand Azra
    Product Type Bags
    Sport Lifestyle
    Sex/Gender Female
    Color Red
    Material Leather
    Weight (KG) 0.6 kg

    Categories: Azra Women's Bags Women's Bags

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