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      Adidas Боксерские Перчатки Response ADIBT01


      • Тренировочные боксерские перчатки на липучке.
      • Полиуретан по технологии PU3G INNOVATION.
      • Композитный литой вкладыш из пены высокого давления. Усиленная защита большого пальца, ладони, уcиление ударной зоны.
      • Специальная жесткая манжета для защиты кисти.

      PU3G INNOVATION - материал, обладающий всеми характеристиками и тактильными свойствами натуральной кожи, долговечный, гибкий, устойчивый к растрескиванию.

      Вес в унциях: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, oz.
      # ADIBT01

      Adidas Boxing Gloves Response ADIBT01


      PU3G Innovation.
      PU3G is a material that looks and feels like leather.
      Flexible and very resistant, it is resistant to changes in temperature and hygrometry.
      "RESPONSE" Boxing Glove In 100% Pu duratec artificial leather.
      7.5cm wide elastic Pu/Velcro fixed strap.
      Newly developed IMF foam padding.
      New improved retail packing PP005/CAA18 with heavier 18 micron more transparent with Codura top and fine AA1 side ribbing.

      I-Protech+ (Adidas Technology Boxing & MMA):
      Exclusive to adidas this technology features an Intelligent mould structure with additional integrated.

      PU3G Innovation (Adidas Technology Boxing & MMA):
      PU3G is a material that looks, feels and performs like leather.
      Flexible and strong, it can withstand variations in temperature and hygrometry.
      Extremely strong, 3G can continually absorb perspiration while remaining supple and impervious to cracking.

      Weights: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, oz.
      # ADIBT01

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