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      Adidas Стрельба из Лука Обувь Archery Adistar 011168

      Обувь для Стрельбы из Лука


      • Верх из дышащей синтетической сетки.
      • Стелька из ЭВА для устойчивости и комфорта.
      • Конструкция TORSION® под сводом стопы.
      • Немаркая подметка из прочной резиновой смеси.

      Легкий поддерживающий элемент в срединной части промежуточной подошвы. Помогает контролировать естественное независимое друг от друга движение пятки и носка. Обеспечивает поддержку свода стопы, устойчивость и контроль.

      Clima Cool ® Обувь (Технологии Обуви в Adidas):
      Контроль над уровнем влажности.

      • Верхняя часть кроссовка, стелька и подошва способствуют свободному движению воздуха.
      • 360° — градусная вентиляция обеспечивает стопе прохладу для повышения спортивных результатов буквально с первого шага.
      • Специально расположенные вентиляционные каналы выводят влагу и понижают температурy.

      Цвет: Белый / Черный
      # 011168

      Adidas Archery Shoes Adistar 011168


      "And here comes Shakes McGee, picked to finish last in today's competition. What's this? Shakes is sporting some new shoes. Well, here's hoping they're magic shoes, because Mr. McGee couldn't hit any of his targets in the preliminaries. In fact, the only way he got in was by shooting six bullseyes on a neighboring target." What the announcer didn't know was that Shakes McGee was sporting the adidas adiStar men's archery shoes, and though we can't prove that they are actually magical (or say so for legal reasons), we can tell you that the adidas adiStar men's archery shoes are cutting edge kicks designed to give you the stability and surefootedness that you need whether you're trying for longbow marksmanship or compound mastery.

      The adidas adiStar men's archery shoes are uniquely designed to live their name to the fullest-- to be archery shoes. They feature a durable rubber outsole for great traction and a solid midsole plate for the ultimate stability. As uncomfortable as that may sound, the adidas adiStar men's archery shoes do feature a ClimaCool upper for superior breathability and a padded footbed that absorbs shock and cradles your foot. The leather upper is durable and supportive as well, letting you concentrate on more important things like focus, aim, breathing and whether or not you look as cool as Kevin Costner in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. Nothing more embarrassing than that aside from shooting your neighbor's targets.

      • Designed to optimize stability and comfort for the archery enthusiast
      • Durable rubber outsole provides great traction
      • Solid midfoot plate for awesome stability
      • Leather and ClimaCool mesh upper offers style and optimum breathability, minimizing slippage

      Lightweight arch support that allows the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently for better surface adaptation and stability. The all new TORSION® SYSTEM is fully engineered and provides a unique transition from heel to toe for both female and male footwear products.

      ClimaCool® Technology:
      ClimaCool® is a system combining moisture-managing materials and ventilation in key areas for efficient evaporation of sweat that helps regulate body temperature for improved efficiency and comfort. Every ClimaCool® shoe is built with a fully-ventilated mesh upper and breathable sock liner to ensure maximum airflow.

      Colour: Black / White
      # 011168

      Tipo de productoZapatos
      Tamaño (US)10.5
      Peso (KG)1.3 kg
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