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      Adidas Running Shoes CC Ride G42227

      Man's Footwear


      Your weekly long run won't have you hitting the wall with these adidas CC Ride running shoes.
      Made with strategic CLIMACOOL® ventilation, they cool your feet on those days when the heat is trying to hold you back.
      The combination of adiPRENE® in the heel and adiPRENE®+ in the forefoot ensures a soft heel-strike, responsive toe-off and smooth transition in between.

      ClimaCool® (Adidas Technology Footwear):
      Like the racecars that inspire them, ClimaCool ® footwear scavenges the slow moving air surrounding a shoe during exercise, and conducts it through aerodynamically optimized air channels to cool the foot.
      Adidas tested the movement of air around a runner's shoe and positioned ventilation ducts in locations scientifically proven to mayimize air velocity to the foot.
      Along with ducts positioned on the sides and outsole of the shoe, evry ClimaCool® shoe is built with a fully ventilated mesh upper and breathable sock liner to ensure maximum airflow penetrating the shoe and cooling the foot from every side.
      The 360 degree ventilation system transports heat and sweat away from the foot and out of the shoe as you exercise, providinga 40% increase in cooling over a conventional runnung shoe which, in testing, comes surprisingly close to wearing no shoes at all.

      adiPRENE®+ (Adidas Technology Footwear)
      Resilient cushioning used to protect the forefoot and provide a responsive, dynamic toe-off.

      adiPRENE® (Adidas Technology Footwear):
      adiPRENE® is a highly shock absorbent material that cushions and protects your heel at impact.

      Color: Orange/White
      Material: Textile/Synthetic
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