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      Adidas Soccer Shoes Predator X XTRX SG G00793

      Soccer | Men's Footwear | Soft Ground


      For unmatched performance, the adidas football PREDATOR®_X X-TRX SG boot tops them all.
      With PREDATOR® forefoot power for control and accuracy, it has an ergonomic performance fit for top pitch manoeuvrability and ball control.
      POWERSPINE adds knock-out shooting power.

      Predator X True strike SG Football Boots Made By Adidas.
      The Adidas Predator X is the Tenth Generation of Predator shoes.
      Champion looks and spectacular play combine for the world's top boot.

      Upper: Newly developed Taurus full-grain calf leather is featured in the Predator soccer shoe to provide a natural look and great tear and abrasion resistance so that these boots last even longer. The Predator technology has also been perfected so that this soft compound provides unparalleled swerve, control, and accuracy on all of your touches.

      Inlay: The EVA insole is anatomically molded so that your foot has the most comfort possible.

      Outsole: The Predator X features the TRAXION SG Hybrid Stud sole system.
      When you combine all of these features you get one awesome shoe that you're sure to love. These Predator boots will take your game to the next level.

      TRAXION™ (Adidas Technology Footwear):
      Technology utilizing a direct injected TPU outsole construction for enhanced fit and superior firm ground characteristics.

      X-Traxion® (Adidas Technology Footwear):
      X-traxion – provides a quick-change stud system for maximum pitch penetration and minimal stud pressure. The sole plate of the new Adidas Predator X football boot features “hybrid” studs that give maximum ground penetration but with exceptional forefoot flexibility that are a new feature of Predator football boots and the narrow last of the Predator X helps the ergonomic fit that is required for the snug fit of the boot.

      PREDATOR® (Adidas Technology Footwear):
      The PREDATOR® technology has been perfected to provide maximum and absolutely consistent swerve, control and power in wet and dry conditions.

      SG: Soft Ground

      Color: Black, White, Red
      Material: Leather
      # G00793

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