Adidas Футбольная Обувь F30.9 IN G01044

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      Adidas Футбольная Обувь F30.9 IN G01044

      Мужские Футбольные Бутсы Indoor для Спортзала


      Футбольные бутсы для игры на естественных жестких покрытиях.

      • Верх из легких износоустойчивых синтетических материалов. Закрытая шнуровка для лучшего контакта с мячом.
      • Стелька из ЭВА (ЭВА-этиленвинилацетат, легкий и упругий материал, обладающий хорошими амортизирующими свойствами) для устойчивости и комфорта.

      non-marking (Адидас Технология Обуви):
      Специальный материал подошвы non-marking позволяет избежать испачканных поверхностей спорт-зала.
      А благодаря прочности этого материала, обувь из материала non-marking прослужит вам долгий срок.

      IN: Обувь для Спортзала. Кроссовки со специальными подметками для вощеной поверхности. Немаркая каучуковая резина для превосходного управления движениями.

      IN (indoor) - отполированные поверхности в зале (ПВХ, дерево), не оставляет следов.

      Бутсы предназначенные для игры в футбол или футзал для отополированных покрытиях спортивных залов.

      Цвет: Черный/Желтый 
      # G01044

      Adidas Soccer Shoes F30.9 IN G01044

      Men's Footwear - Soccer - IN (Indoor)


      Innovative sports technology and adidas quality come together in the F30.9 indoor men's soccer shoes.
      These shoes look like liquid speed, with just the right amount of attitude to help you intimidate the competition.
      You're a force to be reckoned with on the field of play, so make sure that your gear is up to par.
      The adidas F30.9 TRX indoors are sleek and strong, and thanks to adidas' team of genius engineers, the technology inside is as cool as the style outside.
      We're pretty sure that adidas' crew is some of the smartest people on earth.
      To make sure they engineer the best soccer shoes, they run 24-hour game marathons in the lab, coupled with audio feeds of team chants and theme songs.
      They feed them a strict diet of proprietary materials which we aren't allowed to talk about here (it's a matter of national shoe-curity).
      Some of soccer's biggest stars regularly input on design specs to make sure that they crank out quality gear like the adidas F30.9 TRX indoor men's soccer shoes.
      They also have their own version of Oompah-Loompahs that test out each pair of shoes in an office-sized soccer pitch.
      Its fun to watch and it serves a purpose.
      That purpose is ensuring that everything adidas makes is 100% top grade, just like the adidas F30.9 TRX indoor men's soccer shoes.
      Rest assured, buddy, these shoes will bring your game to the next level.

      • Synthetic leather upper with synthetic lining is soft and comfortable
      • Fold-over lace cover with Velcro edging for secure, uniform kicking surface
      • EVA insole and midsole for comfort and cushioning
      • Durable rubber outsole perfect for indoor soccer
      • Split design is lightweight for players looking for traction and agility

      non-marking (Adidas Technology Footwear):
      A special outsole material mix found in all adidas indoor shoes, which prevents marks or lines on playing surfaces while offering great durability.

      IN: Indoor Footwear. Boots with special outsoles for waxed surface. Non-marking gum-rubber for excellent grip.
      Colour: Black/Yellow
      # G01044
      重量 (KG)0.9 kg