Adidas Soccer Shoes Junior adiNova IV TRX TF J V23684

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Buy Adidas Soccer Shoes Junior adiNova IV TRX TF J V23684

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      Adidas Soccer Shoes Junior adiNova IV TRX TF J V23684

      Soccer Footwear Adinova TRX TF J

      Soccer Shoes Toddler/Youth/Kids/Junior/Jr Adinova Traxion Turf Ground Cleats


      The natural leather adiNova IV TF feature innovations brought forward from the breadth of development of the adiPure line.
      Full-grain, free-kick leather upper in a pure and sleek design with slightly offset lacing, a comfortable, compression-molded EVA insole, shock-absorbing adiPRENE® under the heel, and a hard-ground TRaXion™ TF outsole combine to make this shoe the perfect choice for many developing, casual, and cost-conscious players.
      Nothing breaks in and breathes like natural leather.
      Internal TPU heel clip extends from the outsole for rearfoot stability and to house a supplemental layer of shock-absorption.

      Gentle padding at the rearfoot beneath a no-slip synthetic ankle collar.
      The detached tongue with slightly offset lacing open up the instep for a clean strike zone.
      Underfoot outsole design features blades near the edges of the foot for stopping-power and acceleration, and cylindrical studs through the center for traction and stability.
      Softness and pure leather are the hallmarks of the adiNova IV.

      adiPRENE® (Adidas Technology Footwear)
      A highly shock absorbent material used to cushion and protect the heel upon impact.

      TRAXION™ TF (Adidas Technology Footwear)
      An outsole cleat design that provides maximum grip in all directions without excessive pressure points on the foot.

      Colour: Black, White
      # V23684

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