Adidas Boxing Pro Striking Sticks adiSSS01

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      Adidas Boxing Pro Striking Sticks adiSSS01


      Training sticks.
      Sold in pairs.
      Made from polyurethane.
      Inside is a foam filler and a plastic rod.
      The compact training stick will become your training assistant.

      The Training Sticks offer an advanced training mode to help you hone your punching and punching accuracy in boxing training.
      Coaches can now work offensively and defensively with their fighters by moving more, tapping and rocking slightly to keep the boxers defensive.
      Ideal for improving a boxer's head movement and protection.
      Through targeted technique training, coaches can also help improve a fighter's accuracy and efficiency.
      Trainer's impact sticks are also comfortable, as they put less strain on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders than gloves.
      The trainer's impact sticks are slightly flexible, for excellent targeting, impact and ideal resistance.
      The anatomical handle reduces hand fatigue and increases training time.

      Constructed from a durable synthetic leather case for long workouts.
      The flexible PVC inner core is expertly stuffed with medium to medium density foam.
      Includes nylon wrist loops for added security during intense workouts.
      Ideal for precision punching and punching work.

      Stick length 55 cm.
      The width of the stick is 5 cm.
      Weight of one: 274 gr.
      Material: PU
      Color: Black
      # adiSSS01

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