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      Adidas Boxing Gloves Energy 100 adiEBG100


      ENERGY100 gloves are made of new generation polyurethane using PU3G INNOVATION technology.
      PU3G is a soft and durable synthetic material that looks like leather and is insensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
      The peculiarity of this model is the "one-piece" to the wrist composite block made of high-pressure foam IMF (Intelligent Mold Technology) with optimal consistency and the necessary rigidity while remaining sufficiently soft in the impact part of the boxing glove.
      Providing the optimal level of comfort and safety in any situation.
      Also, the uniqueness of this technology in providing the boxer with an incredibly comfortable and tight fit of the glove on the hand, as well as contributes to effective support of the hand, eliminating injury.
      Composition: 100% polyurethane.
      Stylish look of the glove, given by the adidas logo on the cuff and three vertical stripes.

      "One-piece" composite block to the wrist.
      Snug, comfortable fit on the arm.
      PU3G INNOVATION'® technology
      The impact part of the glove is of optimal rigidity, while remaining comfortable for sparring.
      Stylish bright design.
      I-Protech® technology.
      Cuff width 6.5 cm.
      100% polyurethane.

      I-PROTECH: adidas-designed special composite molded liner structure for comfort and safety.

      PU3G: a material with all the characteristics and tactile properties of genuine leather, durable, flexible, crack-resistant.

      Material: PU3G
      # adiEBG100

      ColorBlack, Blue, Red
      Weight (KG)0.7 kg
      Product TypeGloves
      Weight (OZ)8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz