Adidas Боксерки - Боксерская Обувь Tygun 2.0 G12445

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article # G12445
article # G12445
article # G12445
article # G12445
article # G12445
article # G12445
article # G12445
article # G12445
article # G12445
article # G12445
article # G12445
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      Adidas Боксерки TYGUN II G12445

      Боксерская Обувь TYGUN 2.0 Синий/Белый


      Профессиональная обувь для бокса.
      Верх из легкой дышащей нейлоновой сетки с элементами из искуственной кожи для большей прочности.
      Cтелька и внутренняя промежуточная подошва из ЭВА для устойчивости и комфорта.
      Немаркая подметка из прочной резиновой смеси.

      Цвет: Синий/Белый
      # G12445

      Adidas Boxing Boots TYGUN II G12445

      Boxing Shoes TYGUN 2.0 True Blue/White


      The perfect blend of black diamond nylon mesh combined with plush suede leather and synthetic accents to create a shoe worthy of champions at all levels.
      Complete with ultra light mesh tongue, fully padded insole, European construction and super sleek riveted gum rubber outsole with traction grooves for speed, power and precise pivots.
      Approximate 10" height is ideal for full ankle support and lightning fast speed.


      Classic boxing boot.
      Float like a butterfly in this classic boxing boot.
      Features a new slim, lightweight outsole to keep your feet moving and two-dimensional mesh construction for optimal breathability.
      And when your feet finally slow down enough to see them, fans will appreciate their snazzy look with unique eye stay overlays.

      Color: True Blue/White
      # G12445

      Тип ТовараShoes | Обувь
      Вид СпортаBoxing | Бокс
      Размер Обуви (US)5, 5.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11
      ПолMale | Мужской
      Вес0.935 кг
      Специально дляIndoor | Зал