Winning Костюм для Сгонки Веса WF-P

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article #WF-P
article #WF-P
article #WF-P
article #WF-P
article #WF-P
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      Winning Костюм для Сгонки Веса WF-P

      Костюм Весогон | Сауна | Сгонка Веса | Снижение Веса


      Идеально подходит для разминки, пробежки и снижения веса.
      Светоотражающие элементы.

      Материал: 100% Нейлон
      Размер: M (155~165cm), L (165-175cm), XL (175-180cm), 2XL, 3XL
      Цвет: Серый
      # WF-P

      Winning Sauna Suit WF-P

      Sweat Suit | Weight Loss


      • back mesh processing suppressed skin sticky feeling!
      • in the back, chest, calves are about winning logo fluorescent emblem.

      The luminous and diffused light.
      Also, the retroreflection of even safe roadwork.

      * Is a luminous and... stored light energy, emit their light.In the one hour light (sun light or fluorescent light) diffused light in the dark about 4-5 hours.
      * For light sources light... and retroreflection is reflected.

      Nighttime road work when car headlights reflecting the driver to let you know of their existence.
      Material: nylon table and back mesh processing-hooded
      Trainer type (jippuresu type)

      Material: 100% Nylon
      Size: M (155~165cm), L (165-175cm), XL (175-180cm), 2XL, 3XL
      Colour: Gray
      # WF-P

      Product TypeWarm Ups
      SizeM, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
      Weight (KG)1.51 kg