Wesing Boxing Ring 7.8x7.8x1m AIBA 2307A1

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Buy Wesing Boxing Ring 7.8x7.8x1m AIBA 2307A1

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Categories: Wesing Боксерский Ринг   On the Platform Ring   Boxing Ring AIBA  

      Wesing Boxing Ring 7.8x7.8x1m AIBA 2307A1

      Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) - Approved Item


      • standard deck fasteners (no screws)
      • stoving varnish
      • plywood multilayered coating
      • mats in the ring with polyethylene foam composite brushed lint
      • additional blue ring coating
      • four support post for mounting the protective ropes
      • foam tube wrapped in faux leather polyurethane

      Functions & Applications:

      Platform with standard fasteners (no screws), the joint has a silencer.
      Easy to disassemble, has increased stability and safety.
      Ring is equipped according to standards boxing competitions approved AIBA.

      Size: 7.8x7.8x1m
      # 2307A1

      Product TypeHardware
      Weight (KG)1000 kg