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      Vamos Soccer Ball Inversor BV-3255-IST


      The professional INVERSOR soccer ball is presented in a 12-panel, innovative form, in the traditional design of Latin America, with improved aerodynamics for direct shots and twist.

      The modern design of heat sealing panels consisting of soft glossy synthetic leather (PU) with an internal volume pattern and a 2-layer lining made of synthetic fabric, controls the ideal shape of the ball.

      In the manufacture of this model were used only high-quality materials and the latest technology.
      Glossy synthetic leather with a laminated pattern puts the VAMOS INVERSOR ball in the same line with top balls of famous world brands.

      The ball has a premium premium butyl chamber that perfectly holds the air and provides excellent pressure.

      Circumference: 68.5 - 69.5 cm.
      Weight: 420 - 445 grams.
      Ball size: 5
      Number of panels: 12
      Color: Silver-red-green
      # BV-3255-IST

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