Vamos Soccer Ball Futsal Academy BV 3013-AMI

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      Vamos Soccer Ball Futsal Academy BV 3013-AMI


      The training ball Futsal Academy has an attractive design and high quality hand stitching.
      Material glossy tpu.
      It is suitable for schools, training of amateur teams and clubs.
      For sewing panels used synthetic leather, which, in addition to strength, also has excellent elasticity.
      The lining material is arranged in three layers, which helps to maintain the correct spherical shape and gives a good rebound.
      The butyl chamber contains a special filler so that the rebound is not high, due to this the efficiency of the game is increased.
      Polyester fibers in a butyl chamber.
      Makes the ball applicable to different indoor fields, incl. and hard.
      Balanced butyl chamber filled with microfiber fibers gives 30% rebound 1).
      The most economical futsal ball in the VAMOS collection.
      Scratch resistant for any futsal field.
      Excellent value for money.
      The ball has a premium class butyl chamber.

      Ball size: 4
      Number of panels: 32
      Color: White-blue-red
      # BV 3013-AMI

      Weight (KG)0.6 kg
      Product TypeBalls
      Numeric Sizes4
      Height/Lenght120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm