Vamos Soccer Ball Fusion Futsal BV 2342-WFT

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      Vamos Soccer Ball Fusion Futsal BV 2342-WFT


      Professional Futsal ball VAMOS FUSION has a bright design with iridescent textured surface.
      Complies with futsal standards and is approved by the Peruvian Futsal Football Association.
      Designed for mini-football in the halls and on the sports fields.

      Mini Soccer in Latin America.
      The model is made of glossy artificial leather (PU) with an internal three-dimensional pattern, the panels are made by thermal gluing, which improves the ball's sphericity performance, reduces moisture absorption and increases the ball's wear resistance.

      Premium class butyl chamber with filler for low rebound, reinforced with synthetic thread, which ideally holds air and provides excellent pressure.

      Circle 62–64 cm.
      Weight 400 - 440 grams.
      Ball size: 4
      Number of panels: 32
      Color: White-yellow-green
      # BV 2342-WFT

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