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Categories: Turbo Silicone Caps for Swimming   Silicone Swim Caps  

      Turbo Swimming Cap Peace 9701766


      Stylish, comfortable swimming cap.

      SPF +50 Resistance.
      Chlorine resistant.
      Aerodynamic design.
      Durable colors.
      Strong and elastic material.
      Ergonomic shape.
      Tested by professionals.

      Silicone swim caps are well known for their great flexibility and extensibility.
      This type of swim cap is specially cut for a comfortable fit and a very pleasant feel to the skin and hair.
      It is designed for training and intensive swimming.
      If you are looking for swim caps for long hair, the silicone cap is a perfect option because of its extra elasticity and adjustable fit.
      We use the best silicone in the market, which offers high stretchiness and strong chlorine resistance.

      Recommended use of silicone swim caps:
      The Turbo silicone swim cap is perfect for swimming in either indoor swimming pools or outdoor swimming because of its great durability.
      It can be used for daily workouts or intense swimming.
      Thanks to its hydrodynamic cut, this swim cap allows you to reach a great speed underwater.

      Make your swimming cap last longer by washing it in fresh water after use and air drying it away from radiators or other heat sources.

      Material: 100% Silicon
      # 9701766

      Product TypeHats
      Weight (KG)0.1 kg