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      Sportana Boxing Wall Mounted Pillow Column SBWMC

      Gym Equipment: Wall Cushion


      Pillow "Column" is an exclusive product, without analogues.

      The feature of this product is:
      - multisection. Consists of 3 sections;
      - U-shaped, which allows it to be mounted on the ends of the walls.
      - covers the wall from three sides.
      - fastened to the surface at 12 points, which guarantees the reliability of fixation.

      genuine leather, 3-3.5 mm thick. This increases wear resistance;
      All details are reinforced with durable fabric. This eliminates the problem of stretching the skin;
      the product is stitched with high-strength threads, double and triple seam;
      product frame: metal. For fixing to the wall, 12 ears are used, with holes d= 10 mm;
      internal filler: mixture of polyethylene foam and polyurethane foam.

      Wall-mounted boxing cushion for practicing uppercut(s)/undercuts.
      Wall cushion - comfortable, a projectile for training in the gym / at home.
      Thanks to the original design, you will be able to practice different types of punches: straight, hooks / sides & uppercuts.
      The pillow is made of quality leather for durability, the zones are marked with special targets in the form of convex circles.

      1) PK.KLN.100 -- cushion 100x40x40 (column, lower part) | height x width x thickness
      2) PK.KLN.170 - cushion 170x50 (column, lower and middle part) | height x width
      3) PK.KLN.260 - pillow 260 x 50 (column) | height x width

      Material: Leather
      # SBWMC

      Weight (KG)45 kg
      Product TypeHardware
      Numeric Sizes1, 2, 3