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      Sportana Boxing Heavy Bag Silhouette SBHBS


      Boxing bag Silhouette is an excellent sports equipment for training.

      Its Feature:
      the shape of this universal boxing equipment is close to the outlines of the human body;
      variable section and gives the product the appearance of a silhouette.

      Available in two versions: double and triple.
      On these boxing bags, an athlete can practice a huge range of punches, techniques and movements.

      - natural leather, 3-3.5 mm thick. is a hallmark of all our products;
      - duplication: the details of the product are glued with reinforced fabric. This removes the problem of stretching the skin;
      - high margin of safety: stitched with a triple seam with high-strength threads;
      - a steel ring is sewn into the upper part of the bag. It helps the bag to keep the correct shape;
      - reliable suspension system: has 8 ears with half rings (rod diameter 8 mm). Thus, the load on each ear is minimal;
      - the problem with pressing the packing during the operation of the product is eliminated.
      Product filling: textile flap + RTI crumb (in a small amount).
      - versatility of the product: the working surface of the product has different geometry and section: cylinder; sphere; cone.

      We recommend buying a suspension system for the product.

      1) BMK-SDV.45110 | 45x110 60kg
      2) BMK-STR.40145 | 45x145 65kg
      3) BMK-STR.45180 | 45x180 90kg

      Material: Leather
      # SBHBS

      Weight (KG)65 kg
      Product TypePunching Bags
      Numeric Sizes1, 2, 3