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      Rival Boxing Gloves RFX-Guerrero Pro Fight SF-F RBGS


      From the feedback we’ve received, we believe we have succeeded in designing and producing simply the best, most comfortable and most ergonomically correct Pro Fight glove on the market today.
      The RFX-Guerrero glove is a cutting-edge, sleek-styled Pro Fight Glove with a great fit and the Rival patented 15º Angled Lace-Track.
      This is definitely what the industry refers to as a "punchers glove".
      Creative, and by design, we have taken the liberty of laminating the leather with two different types of foam (depending on which model), in order to offer you that much more protection for your hands and to give the glove the strength and stability required for 12 round championship fights.
      The RFX-Guerrero is available in two popular models. 
      The SF-F and the HDE-F.
      The difference between the two is the foam we use to laminate to the leather.


      On the SF-F version, we use a soft, simple, polyurethane foam giving this model glove a soft, "broken-in" feel.
      On the HDE-F model, the leather is laminated with a high density EVAgiving this glove a stiffer, firmer feel with the accent on power and protection.

      # RBGS

      Опцияна Шнурках
      ЦветЧерный, Белый, Синий, Красный, Многоцветный, Color Set 1, Color Set 2, Color Set 3
      Вес0.8 кг
      Вес в унциях8 oz, 10 oz