Lifeline Эспандер для Ног Monster Walk 4-LR3-4

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      Lifeline Эспандер для Ног Monster Walk 4-LR3-4




      • Adjustable secure ankle cuffs
      • 30" ring for constant tension
      • Durable, high quality dipped latex
      • Padded for comfort


      • Build complete lower body strength for explosive moves
      • Increase agility and speed for higher athletic performance
      • Equal resistance in all directions allows for freedom of movement
      • Improve balance by targeting under-used muscle groups
      • Portable and lightweight for the gym, home or travel

      The Monster Walk uses progressive variable resistance to restrict you from using momentum. As a result, you will strengthen lower body and core muscles at their weakest point, increasing your overall speed and agility and reaction time. The Monster Walk is also a great way to warm up muscles to help reduce the chance of injury. The Monster Walk both strengthens and builds speel and agility in the lower body. Different exercises target and strengthen thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and calves with lunges, extensions, and curls. Increase speed and stride length for explosive moves. Shuffle in all directions for freedom of movement, balance improvement, and robust leg drive. The Monster Walk is an extremely useful and versatile product, make sure and pick yours up today!


      • One 30" cable ring
      • Two soft ankle cushions
      • One instructional brochure
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      Вид СпортаTraining | Тренировка
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