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Categories: Elbow   Support Elbow   Squash  

      Rehband Epi Support Basic Line 7923

      Elbow Bandage - Epi Support - After Injury


      The epicondylitis support reduces pain caused by overuse or irritations at the origins of forearm muscles known from racket sports such as tennis, or golf.
      Due to targeted pressure by the pad included in delivery, the support relieves the origins of forearm muscles.
      The non-elastic support is available in one universal size usable on both sides.
      Targeted pain relief from overuse or injury of forearm tendons.
      Epi support (epicondylitis) designed for wear below the elbow joint to deliver targeted pain relief from muscle injuries caused by overuse or inflammation.
      The Rehband Epi Support applies pressure to the extensor muscles easing strain on the tendons and is suitable after injury.
      It is universally-sized and is suitable for use on either arm and by both sexes.
      Relief the pressure on the tendon insert through compression on the muscle.
      Pain relieving and makes it possible to perform activities of daily life despite elbow problems.

      Basic Line (Rehband Product Lines):
      By adding warmth and support to exposed parts of the body you can speed up recovery from injury, and prevent them form happening in the first place, and thereby you can improve your performance.
      The Basic Line products are available for almost the whole body, and give you function and style combined.

      Function: After Injury
      Sports: Racket Sports
      Side: Unisex
      Material: Polyamide
      Size: Universal
      # 7923

      Product TypeBraces & Bandages
      SportBadminton, Squash, Tennis
      Weight (KG)0.2 kg
      Special forElbow