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Categories: Support Back   Support Back   Бандажи / Суппорты / Ортезы / Фиксаторы  

      Rehband Back Support Power Line 7792

      Back Bandage | Heavy Lifting


      This high-quality support is specially developed to meet the demands of power lifters and strong men.
      Abdomen and back muscles are optimally supported by an additional non-elastic belt.
      This results in improved force development and relieves the back.
      This back support is characterized by a perfect fit and extremely high stability.
      The closure at the stabilization belt allows adjusting the compression pressure to the individual needs of the athlete.
      Powerful 3-in-1 back support for heavy lifting and strong men.
      Multi-function back support designed for weight or power lifting and strong men.
      The back support can be used in three ways, as a back belt, a classic back support and with both elements together for maximum protection.
      Developed to guarantee a perfect fit and extremely high stability, the Rehband Back Support is made with warming, compressing 7mm Neoprene to maximise blood flow, reducing injury and helping to protect and power muscles.
      The high-quality and flexible neoprene adapts optimally to the body and warms the back muscles.
      The belts can be worn separately so you have a "3 in 1" product.

      Measure the widest circumference (cm) of the stomach.

      • Medium (M): 72 - 80 cm.
      • Large (L): 80 - 90 cm.
      • eXtra Large (XL): 90 - 100 cm.
      • 2 eXtra Large (2XL): 100 - 110 cm.
      • 3 eXtra Large (3XL): 110 - 120 cm.

      Power Line (Rehband Product Lines):
      Power Line Products from Rehband have been used by strongman, weight and power lifters for more then 20 years.
      We are now introducing a new range of products especially made for these athletes and their sports.
      The products are anatomically fitted and especially suited for these sports which provide the products with the superior fit that Rehband is known for.
      We have optimized all functions and choice of materials to fit all different type of motions and strains that exists in these sports.

      Function: Compression, Warmth, Medium Stabilisation
      Sports: Athletic Sports
      Side: Unisex
      Material: 7mm Neoprene SBR, EVA Foam, Polyester
      Size: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
      # 7792

      Product TypeBraces & Bandages
      SizeM, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
      Weight (KG)0.9 kg
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