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      RDX Sports Bag GKB-R1B


      RDX Bag in an updated version for use as a regular backpack and a sports bag for things at the same time.
      This beautiful luxury quality RDX bag is made from durable material in the RDX manufacturing unit and is perfectly durable.

      Made of nylon, mesh, foam and rubber.
      23" (approx. 58 cm) high x 11" (almost 28 cm) wide backpack/duffel bag.
      Backpack straps can be hidden.
      U-shaped zipped main compartment with shoe compartment.
      Zipped pockets in two sizes.
      Velcro front pocket and zippered top pocket.
      Side handles for comfortable grip.
      Two detachable shoulder straps.

      Can be carried as a rucksack
      The presented sports bag is an extremely versatile and comfortable to carry model.
      It is equipped with a simple carrying system that allows it to be used like a rucksack.
      This method of carrying allows the weight of the bag to be evenly distributed on the back.

      Shoulder strap
      This sports bag model is equipped with a very comfortable strap that allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder in a comfortable way.
      This increases comfort during transport, as your hands are free and the bag can be shifted from one shoulder to the other.

      Capacity: 50 L
      Size: 58x29cm
      Country of origin of the brand: United Kingdom
      Gender: Male, Woman
      Material: Nylon, Rubber, Foam
      Reflective elements: No
      Waterproof: Yes
      Laptop pocket: No
      Leading colour: Black
      Fastening type: Castle
      Season: Year-round
      Sport: Gym and fitness
      Transport belt: Yes

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