RDX Martial Arts Gloves PF1 Grappling GGM-PF1

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      RDX Martial Arts Gloves PF1 Grappling GGM-PF1


      Get ready for combat, full MMA style with these comfortable and resilient pro MMA grappling gloves.
      Built for the modern-day warriors, these durable MMA gloves combine security and mobility to assist with your technique.
      Sturdy Super Skin™ leather provides the strength and support you need – whether it’s to dominate in grappling or exchanging a flurry of blows with your opponent.
      Open palm design maximizes range of motion and provides ventilation for a sweat-free grip that will give you an edge in grappling.
      Breathable fabric lining ensures hands are comfortable and prevents odor buildup from accumulated sweat.
      Combination of shock-absorbent gel and compact foam padding soaks up the impact to protect hands.
      Hook-and-loop closure system provides a snug fit and outstanding wrist support for all grappling and punching activities.

      Tough Super Skin-Mayahide leather™ leather grappling gloves are built to last through intense combat.
      Inside padding soaks up the impact from brutal blows, protecting the knuckles and thumb from injury.
      O-Palm™ design ensures ventilation, optimal dexterity and mobility for executing advanced grappling moves.
      Quick-EZ™ hook-and-loop closure provides a secure fit and ample wrist support.

      Material: Leather
      Color: Red, Blue, Black, White
      # GGM-PF1

      Product TypeGloves
      SizeS, M, L, XL
      ColorBlack, White, Blue, Red
      Weight (KG)0.51 kg