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      RDX Boxing Training Gloves Apex A4 BGM-PTA4U

      Boxing | Lace-Up Gloves for Training


      Apex A4 pro training boxing gloves are engineered using top of the line LumeX padding with premium Super Skin engineered leather on the outside for added resistance against wear and tear.
      Highly comfortable gloves for training, feature Dazzle fabric inside for top-notch breathability during gut-wrenching training sessions.

      Tailor-made duo of EVA-LUTION SHEET and Max-Shock Equilibrium Foam gives ultimate protection to the hand and maximum shock absorption against forceful impacts.
      Our lace up boxing gloves are engineered using highly compressed Polygonal Fusion Mould and G-foam for extra durability & safety.
      Mould covered with 1.5mm layer of neoprene material for extra protection.

      Calibrated Impact Diffusion SHEET along with Sponge X PADDING is infused at cuff for added comfort & security, making these gloves ideal for all training purposes ranging from sparring, heavy bag and mitt work.

      PREMIUM MATERIALS – Our fight training gloves comes with the latest LumeX padding, premium Super Skin engineered leather & Dazzle fabric for perfect breathability and durability.
      HIGHLY COMFORTABLE – Tailor-made combination of Calibrated Impact Diffusion SHEET & Sponge X PADDING in training boxing equipment in cuff for safety and comfort.
      SHOCK ABSORPTION – Heavy bag gloves are made using EVA-LUTION SHEET, Max-Shock Equilibrium Foam, Polygonal Fusion Mould and G-foam for premium protection.
      ULTIMATE PROTECTION – The mould of Boxing training gloves is covered with a layer of 1.5mm neoprene material for ideal protection
      PERFECT FIT – Workout gloves feature lace up closure system for a perfect fit. These boxing gloves are easy to carry and comes in exciting colors.

      Material: 10, 12, 14, 16 oz
      Color: Red, Blue
      Material: Leather
      # BGM-PTA4

      ColorBlue, Red
      Weight (KG)0.75 kg
      Product TypeGloves
      Weight (OZ)10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz