RDX Boxing Coach Belly Protector T1 BPR-T1B

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      RDX Boxing Coach Belly Protector T1 BPR-T1B


      RDX’s latest addition to its arsenal of Belly Pads are a sigh of relief for trainers and coaches around the World.
      Made to withstand everything, and the kitchen sink.
      This belly guard is built to chew up shock-impact, resulting in a sharper, stronger, and more confident fighter.

      Patented Maya Hide coats the shock-absorbent content within this hand-stitched belly pad.
      Highly compressed EVA-LUTION padding is backed by dense foam to reinforce.
      Mesh runs throughout the belly pad to help trap cool air while evacuating warm moisture.
      Nylon threads all-throughout the product ensures career lasting durability.
      Quick-EZ hook-and-loop on the nylon built strap promises easy strap in, and out.

      Color: Black
      Material: Artifical Leather
      # BPR-T1B

      Product TypeBelt
      Weight (KG)0.6 kg