RDX Boxing Body Protector T3 CGM-T3B

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      RDX Boxing Body Protector T3 CGM-T3B


      To get to championship levels, you’ll need something sturdy to get you there – so will your coach.
      Superior protection and performance with multiple layers of foam and padding.
      The ergonomic design doesn’t hinder arm or body movement in the slightest.
      Train with the fiercest fighters without a second thought.
      Our trademarked EVA-LUTION foam padding will chew up intense shots coupled with patented Maya Hide Leather and microfiber fabric to give you the safest and most long lasting chest guard in the market.

      Protection for warriors with EVA-LUTION foam padding that chews up shock-impact and swallows it.
      Maya Hide material can endure fierce hits without a sign to show for it.
      Nylon thread for improved durability and long-product life.
      Snug fit and placement with interlaced shoulder and back straps.
      Ergonomic design to fit the contours of the body.

      Color: Black
      Material: Artifical Leather
      # CGM-T3B

      Weight (KG)0.9 kg
      Product TypeVests
      SizesSM, LXL