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      Puky Bicycle Cyke 18 Berry 4404


      The Puky CYKE 18 two-wheeled bicycle is a lightweight sports bike for children from 5 years old with easy pedaling.

      PUKY® Bicycles have been produced only in Germany since 1949, which ensures their guaranteed high quality.
      Their design and ergonomics are thought out to the smallest detail, so it is easiest for a child to start learning on Puky.

      Model Features

      The CYKE 18 has replaced the popular Puky ZLX18 model, only it has become lighter and more maneuverable.
      Lightweight aluminum frame with a low geometry and a small gear ratio provide the child with an easy start and comfortable learning.
      The wheels, steering fork and pedals of the bike contain high-quality ball bearings, which guarantees excellent handling.
      We do not recommend using attached wheels as Puky bikes are so light that a child can learn to ride in 1-2 rides without additional wheels.
      If desired, the Puky ST ZL 9425 attachment wheels can be purchased separately.

      The Puky CYKE 18 bike already has enough equipment: a bell, mudguards with a protective edging, reflectors, a parking stand, a chain guard.

      The frame is powder coated for added durability.
      Such a coating is not afraid of bright sunlight and falling on asphalt. Welded seams on the frame are neat and reliable, which ensures resistance to stress while riding.

      The Puky CYKE 18 two-wheeled bicycle has 18'' wheels with high quality pneumatic tires.
      The wheels are covered with wings that protect the child's clothes from splashes from the wheels.

      Soft ergonomic saddle with Integral Skin technology provides comfort on the move.

      All Puky two-wheelers have two types of brakes.
      Puky have long been reluctant to use V-brake on preschool bikes due to safety concerns.
      Until they developed their own reliable design.
      The new range of PUKY CYKE bikes features a V-brake that requires minimal braking effort and child-optimized miniature handlebars.
      The rear brake is a drum type, installed in the rear hub, braking occurs by reverse rotation of the pedals.

      German designers pay special attention to safety.
      The Puky Safe Cycling Kit includes chainguard, SKS plastic front fender wrap, front and rear reflectors, safety grips and handlebar wrap, bell.


      - For height from 110 to 130 cm, leg length from 48 to 56 cm;
      - Saddle position adjustment 50-58 cm;
      - Adjustment of the position of the steering wheel 70-72 cm;
      - Weight - 7.9 kg (in a box 9.8 kg);'
      - Frame material: aluminum;
      - Frame height: 222 mm;
      - Aluminum frame, handlebars and cranks;
      - Inflated wheels 18'', tires Ruky Components;
      - Front wheel and pedals on industrial bearings;
      - Low landing;
      - Front V-brake;
      - Rear brake pedal back;
      - Special miniature seamless Integral Skin saddle;
      - Stand for parking;
      - Small gear ratio 28 T / 15 T for easy starting;
      - Crank length 102 mm;
      - Q - factor 160 mm.

      Puky kit for a safe ride:
      - Chain protection;
      -Mudguards with a protective edging;
      -Miniature brake specially for children's hands, adjustable 55-66mm;
      -Miniature non-slip pedals with reflectors;
      - Miniature grips 102mm x 26.5mm;
      -Pillow on the steering wheel;
      - Front and rear reflector;

      - Maximum load 60 kg;
      - Package size 119x19x82 cm;
      - Designed and manufactured in Germany;
      - Extended 5-year warranty upon activation after purchase;
      - For assembly, you will need a #5 hex wrench for seat adjustment and V-brake settings, a #6 hex wrench for installing the steering wheel and pedals. In the future, you may need a hex wrench No. 4 to adjust the brake handle on the steering wheel.
      - Keys for assembly are not included in the scope of delivery.

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