Ottobock Support for Limbs Knee Genu Therma 8361-7

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      Ottobock Support for Limbs Knee Genu Therma 8361-7


      Pain in the knee joint without symptoms of incompetence of the ligamentous apparatus and a feeling of instability.
      Mild inflammatory manifestations (tendomyopathies, tendinitis at the insertion sites of tendons, swelling, minimal effusion).
      Overloading the knee joint (for example, when playing sports).
      Long-term residual inflammation after injuries and operations in the knee joint.
      The initial manifestations of gonarthrosis. Patellofemoral pain syndrome (models 8354 and 8364).
      Consult your doctor before using the product.

      Provides easy fixation of the knee joint.
      It warms up, has a compressive and micro-massage effect.
      Strengthens blood circulation in the knee joint area and stimulates the restoration of damaged tissues.
      Improves proprioception (joint-muscle feeling) and promotes active stabilization of the joint by coordinating the work of its own muscles.
      Reduces or eliminates pain.
      The supra-patellar cut-out on the 8354 and 8364 reduces pressure on the patella and makes it easier to flex at the knee.

      Anatomically precise design provides a snug fit over the knee.
      The volume of the circumference along the upper edge of the knee pad is adjusted with the Velcro fastener.
      Smooth, elastic Darlexx® trims the edges to eliminate chafing.
      The environmentally friendly Thermoprene® heating material is chlorine free, hypoallergenic and highly wear resistant.
      Models 8354-7 and 8364-7 feature a supra-patellar cut.
      Additional fixation straps in model 8354 prevent the knee pad from shifting during active movements (recommended for sports).

      # 8361-7

      SportLifestyle, Training
      Product TypeBraces & Bandages
      Special forKnee
      Weight (KG)0.3 kg
      Size2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL
      ColorBlack, Grey